Monday, January 5, 2009

THE people

a Friend suggested that i write somewhere the people who have changed my life for the better, so here goes. keep in mind this is not all of you just some of the important ones.

my parents- they may be strict at times but they try to keep me on the right path. i appreciate this very much and i appreciate the hard work they put into raising me.

Kellie- my intelligent, beautiful, talented all around inspiration. how did i survive without you for this long? as many of you know, there is a slight age difference between us. do you want me to fart on you? then you wont make a big deal out of it. ok?

Lucas pinto- my amazing Friend, he plays ukulele, dances in his underwear, and jumps in the Provo river in the wintertime. enough said.

and to all the others out there who are responsible for making me who i am today, thank you.

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